Showa 406 Insulated Latex Foam Grip Gloves

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Showa 406 Insulated Latex Foam Grip Gloves

A durable, water repellent, insulated grip glove that’s designed to protect down to -30°C for short or intermittent contact.


  • Protects hands down to -30°C for short or intermittent contact
  • Water repellent surface combined with thermal liner keeps hands warm and dry
  • Engineered full foam latex coating with second latex coating on palm
  • Aerated material reduces heat loss via conduction and eliminates convection by trapping warm air inside the glove
  • Engineered liner and foam latex dissipates sweat and moisture to prevent hands getting cold
  • Coating technology enhances high level of flexibility and reduces fatigue
  • Soft, comfortable fit
  • Seamless liner prevents irritation
  • Orange colour enhances safety in low light conditions
  • Rough textured finish to palm coating

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