Business Policies

Read our statement on the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and what we are doing. Read it here.

Privacy Policy

The information we collect at the time of checkout is for the sole purpose of shipping your order, confirming your order, contacting you with an order question, or collecting information required for credit card processing.

Use of our website indicates that you agree to collection of non-personalized statistical and traffic data by a third party that provides analytical data which we use to monitor the performance of our website and to help improve your user experience.

We take credit card security compliancy (PCI) very seriously.  We do not hold any credit card information in our system (unless approved by you to our accounting department). Upon entry your credit card information is immediately encrypted using SSL encryption, it is not held on our web or internal system server and is processed externally by our credit card processor.  If you do keep a credit card on file in our main system, it is only held in an encrypted format.

We will also utilize your email address periodically to notify you of any promotions, new products or upcoming in store events. At any time you can opt in or opt out of receiving these marketing emails by calling us at 1-800-895-4327 (Customer Service) or by emailing us at

Please feel free to call us if you have any concerns or questions at any time.

Order Processing

We will make every effort to ship your order within 48 hours of receipt. If we find that it will take longer than this we will contact you regarding a delivery time. Please be aware that because we make inventory available that is not carried in every store, that it may be necessary to ship your order from multiple locations. If you have a specific order receipt time for your order please be sure to indicate this in your order notes. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery or receipt date, but we will do our very best to meet your needs.

It is possible to will call an order in one of our retail stores. We will contact you once inventory availability has been confirmed and your order is ready to pick up. We ask that you not come to the store to will call your order until we have contacted you indicating that it is ready for store pickup.

Order Cancellation

Once we have shipped your order, it is not possible to cancel it and you must return an item using our Returns Process as described on the Returns Policy page. Before shipment, it is possible to cancel an order by calling us and speaking with our shipping department 1-800-895-4327.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our shipping or sales departments at 1-800-895-4327 / 604-274-7238 or email us at



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