Pacific Net & Twine Ltd.

Pacific Net & Twine Ltd. was established on February 1,1973 by the Nakashima brothers in Richmond, B.C., Canada.  The store was built on Moncton Street in historical Steveston, BC.  We are a family owned business whose roots began in the Commercial Salmon and Ling Cod fisheries.  For three generations we have been involved in the fishing industry in B.C.

Pacific Net & Twine Ltd. started with supplying the Gillnetters and Seiners, then expanded their business to supply the Trollers and the Ground Fish fleet. At the same time that we opened up our Steveston Store, we opened a branch location in Sointula, B.C., a Finnish settlement on Malcolm Island,  which was operated by Robert and Ingrid Belveal for many years.  In 1975, we opened up our second location in Parksville, BC.  This store was managed by close family friends Tom and Peggy Gallop. Their son Shane who now manages the store in Parksville  is a passionate Commercial and an enthusiastic Sports Fisherman .  A few years later in 1984, we opened our third store in Prince Rupert under the management of Ron Tsuji, a local salesman.  Ron was instrumental in helping us establish this location up north in beautiful Prince Rupert. 

Over the years we have increased our presence in Commercial and Sports Fishing activities  beyond our province in  British Columbia; to across Canada and into the USA.  We supply fishermen in Manitoba as well as to Alaska, Washington State, Oregon, California and Mexico. We have had the pleasure of serving many different fisheries not only across North America but also Globally.  We have also broadened our services to include the Agriculture and Industrial sectors.   For the past 10 years, we have been building up our Sports Fishing department. Now all of our three locations are  available to serve the public in retail fishing tackle sales.  

We have enjoyed growing with you over the past 40 plus years and are excited to continue to grow and serve you into the future.   


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