Russell Black Box Auto Vip

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Russell Black Box Auto Vip - ( instructions )

For Fishermen who believe that fish are attracted to electrical charges then the Russell Black Box is the only equipment capable of attracting fish to your lures by discharging negative charges through the Stainless Steel trolling cable. There are hundreds of Commercial Salmon Trollers who depend on the Russell Black Box for their livelihood. Malcolm Russell is the founder of the Black Box. There is a manual instruction in the set up which must be strictly followed for the Black Box to work. Most importantly, your boat and electronic equipment must be grounded to a common ground in order to prevent any electrical current leakage. Once this is done, you can control the amount of electrical charge that you want to release through your trolling wire.

  • For Spring Salmon, the amount of charge to put through your trolling wire is .5mv.
  • For Coho, you increase the voltage.
  • For Sockeye, it is very high.

This Russell Black Box Auto VIP model is used by the Commercial Fishing fleet.  There are smaller, less expensive units made by Malcolm Russell for the Sports Fishing market.

Malcolm Russell recommends the North Pacific Hi Carbon Clawpoint Black Nickel Finish hook as the ideal hook to use for the Black Box. With this hook, there will be no loss of electric voltage because hi carbon steel is a good conductor. The hook will rust in 5 days to a week compared to a stainless or tin finished hook which are inert metals (not good conductor). Russell said " what do you want, a hook that will catch more Salmon and rust or a hook that stays shiny but catches less"


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