Superstar Downrigger no32 grade SS Wire x 100m - 190lbs test (Japan)

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SUPERSTAR is a 1/32” diameter stainless steel wire made in Japan. The breaking strength for our No 32 grade SS Wire is 190 pounds.

Using Superstar Stainless steel wire for the main line has distinct advantages over braided line and other brand of stainless wires.

  1. In Tidal water with strong currents, braided line will not sink vertically like SUPERSTAR stainless wire but bend in a bow shaped because braid is made of synthetic fibers.
  2. Electrical charges can only be conducted and transmitted by steel wire to your lure. Commercial Salmon Trollers have known for years that Fish are attracted to electrical impulses. They use the Russell Black Box to regulate the amount of electrical charges going to their lure using Stainless Steel Commercial Trolling Wire.
  3. Braided line can fray or be cut if the line wraps in your propeller.
  4. SUPERSTAR Stainless Wire is tightly twisted ,smooth to handle with no burr sticking out.
  5. SUPERSTAR Stainless Wire is much stronger than other brand wire on the market. Superstar stainless steel wire  breaking strength is 190 pounds compared to 150 pounds.
  6. SUPERSTAR Stainless Wire is made in Japan.

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