FISHLAB Mad Eel 8" Jigs


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FISHLAB Mad Eel 8" Jigs

From the Cape Cod Canal, Florida Offshore, to the kelp beds of Southern California we have designed the best jigging/search bait on the market.
  • Designed with a special jig hook that keeps fish pinned to the hook even through violent head shakes that would dislodge the standard J-style hook.
  • Each replacement tail has a chamber in the front of the bait to ensure straight rigging, easily fills with crazy glue to keep the bodies on the head and every bait has a spot on the back to bring the hook point out to make sure the hook is deep enough in the bait and each bait will run straight.
  • Ribbing along the side of the belly moves more water that fish can feel.
  • Heavy side to side rolling action for increased water displacement in low light, running water, and stained water conditions.

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