Amundson Canada Day Special Edition - TMX5 North


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Amundson Canada Day Special Edition - TMX5 North Trend X Mooching Reel

• Patented 7-layer Nano Carbon Disk Drag, Ultra Smooth and super strong drag
• line creeping free
• Main Shaft chamber comes with lubicating oil grooves to provide continuous lubricant
• Aero grade aluminum bar stock machined
• anti-slip machined aluminum power handles, Ported Paddle Handles also available
• Large vent holes on spool bed and side for fast water dripping
• Engraved Logo
• Two tone color anodized.


Drag systems make ALL the difference when it comes to mooching/trolling for salmon. A good drag system delivers fish-fighting power and control, as well as the ability to maintain trolling conditions without ‘creeping’
(unintentionally slipping and releasing line).

Watch our 3D presentation of the patented multi-layered drag internals of our TMX5, highlighting the mechanical differences between this drag and a single-layer cork drag system (the most common drag system used in mooching reels today). To illustrate the superiority of our drag system vs. those used in our competitors, we set up a practical
demonstration, loading up a single layer cork drag reel* and the TMX5 with weighted cannonballs used in downrigger trolling setups. We began swinging them to simulate the forces of boat movement, surge and wave action. To test the strength and holding power, we incrementally added more and more weight until the drags on both reels failed completely. What we found was that our multi-layer drag had 75% more holding power than a single-layer cork drag reel.

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