Luhr Jensen Anchoy Roll 3.5" - 5"

NORMARKSKU: 72000352206

Colour: Glow Cop Car
Size: 3.5"
Sale price$11.99


Luhr Jensen Anchoy Roll 3.5" - 5"

The Anchovy Roll offers the ultimate rolling bait action for Great Lakes and Pacific Northwest anglers who love trolling. Designed to mimic feeding anchovy, the new Anchovy Roll features a flared silver cheek, 3D holographic eyes, and a UV bright finish that reflects light energy and strengthens visibility. Everglo finishes create a glow-in-the-dark effect for darker water. The Anchovy Roll features a built-in stainless steel rolling swivel to reduce a fish’s leverage during a fight with the fish. A self-aligning line tie allows for a direct tie to the lure or the addition of a snap. The lure is at its most effective when trolled by itself or with a 48 to 60-inch flasher/dodger, making it a perfect choice for salmon, lake trout and steelhead fishing in the Great Lakes and the Pacific Northwest. The Anchovy Roll includes a super sharp VMC® TechSet® hook, designed with a technical locking curve, which maximizes hook sets and locks fish in place.

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