Asano 18325 Hook Type G

ASANOSKU: 27318325

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*Material: Special stainless steel, Spring: SUS304

Hooks designed for connecting during gill net fishing.
A 23 mm wide opening has been created in the gate section.
Inserting or pulling out ropes or metal fittings is a smooth process.

Various functions have been incorporated by taking intended purposes into account.

"Ideal functions for gill net fishing"
1. Round shape of the main body
The edge inside the main body is round and easy on ropes. In addition, the entire body is round, which prevents it from standing up on the reel and helps facilitate easy storage of the net when it is wound up.

2. Robust casted design
As the product is designed to be cast with a high degree of freedom, the body thickness does not have to be uniform unlike wire materials, and sections to which a larger load is applied are made thicker to optimize product capacity. In addition, special stainless steel materials with superior abrasion and corrosion resistance are used.

3. Pin improves the working load limit
A pin of the hinge with a larger 4.5 mm diameter compared with the conventional AK Hook product is used.

"Safe interlock gate design"
When the main body is engaged with the gate, a high working load limit is achieved. In addition, by taking the interference with the rope and fishing net into account, edges have been eliminated to as great a degree as possible to prevent entanglement.

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