Asano Snap Hook AS18316 - AS18317

ASANOSKU: 27318316

Size: AS18316
Sale price$358.29


Asano Snap Hook AS18316 - AS18317

Adopts an interlock system:
A large working load limit is achieved with its palm size
An interlock system is employed for greater strength. The hook part firmly supports the load.

Good operability is ensured by smooth movement of the gate and the wide opening.

The rounded gate fits well with fingers and ropes.

*Usage precautions
Your fingers may be caught between the body and the gate when opening and closing the gate due to the structure of the product. Wear gloves and take care that your fingers do not get caught.

*In using "Snap Hook size 1SH" with "Tough Hanging Roller", 1SH can pass through smoothly between the body and the sheave of Tough Hanging Roller.

*Material: Special Stainless Steel
Spring: SUS304
Lock Pin: Copper Alloy
Set Screw: SUS304

  • AS18316 - outside 143mm - inside 110mm
  • AS18317 - outside 177mm - inside 128mm

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