Asano Stainless Block 10351 Long Liner 100mm sheave

ASANOSKU: 27310351

Sale price$522.73


Asano Stainless Block 10351 100mm sheave

Improved strength through the integrated structure of the sheave shaft and main body. The edges of the sheave are designed to fit into the main body to prevent ropes from getting tangled.

The protruding rib also contributes to increased strength.

Lineup of V-groove and U-groove sheaves.

Can be used in combination with our rigging hardware products (Swivel Jaw &Jaw, etc.).

* Material: Special stainless steel,
Sheave pin/sheave pin nut/M8 hex socket bolt: SUS304
* The working load conforms to the working load of the bearings.
* This product contains two stainless steel bearings with rubber seals.
* V-grooves and U-grooves are available for the shape of the sheave groove.

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