Asano Stainless Block 10051 80mm sheave

ASANOSKU: 27310051

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"Product features"
Main body shape with visible sheave
In addition to the unique shape, the sheave guard is slanted to reduce the risk of ropes being caught .

"Sufficiently wide opening"
The wider space between the body and the sheave allows ropes and fittings to pass through.

"Improved sheave pin socket in main body"
The design of the sheave pin socket was widened to improve the strength of the main body.

"Bolt retainment through crimping"
The bolt edge of the sheave pin is tightly fixed through crimping.

"Sheave with bearings"
Bearings in the sheave facilitate smooth rotation.

*Material: Body : Special stainless steel,
Swivel/swivel pin/sheave pin : SUS304
*The working load conforms to the working load of the bearings.
*This product contains two stainless steel bearings with rubber seals.

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