Asano Stainless Block 50mm, 75mm & 125mm Sheave

ASANOSKU: 27310001

Size: 50mm 10001
Sale price$323.02


Asano Stainless Block 50mm, 75mm & 125mm Sheave

Repair and replacement of the sheave is simplified from other products by means of the combination of the special purpose attachment component, and a hexagon wrench.
Note:The hexagon wrench is not included in the price.

  • Size 50mm - 1.97in
  • Max dia of rope 14mm - .55in
  • Work load 350kg - 772lbs
  • Size 75mm - 2.95in
  • Max dia of rope 16mm - .63in
  • Work load 600kg - 1323lbs
  • Size 125mm - 4.92in
  • Max dia of rope 25mm - .98in
  • Work load 1500kg - 3307lbs

*Materials: Special Stainless steel
Sheave pin/Swivel/Swivel pin: SUS304
*Oil impregnated bush : bronze
*The sheave of the AK10001 cannot be replaced.
*Safety working load is set variously in each country.
Our blocks safety working load is decided around from 1/8 to 1/10 of their breaking load.

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