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FITZWRIGHT Low Profile Life Raft ( Transport Canada/SOLAS Approved )

Available in sizes 4, 6, 8 person capacity

- Transport Canada Approved
- SOLAS Approved

- Low Profile Container
- Proudly Assembled in Canada
- Manufactured from high Quality abrasion resistant rubber.
- High visibility LED Light on Canopy
- High Strength, Inflatable boarding ramp for greater support

Exceeds requirements for:

ü Foreign Voyage
ü Unlimited Voyage
ü Home-Trade Voyage, Class I
ü Near Coastal Voyage, Class 1
ü Home Trade Voyage, Class II
ü Near Coastal Voyage, Class 2
ü Home Trade Voyage, Class III
ü Home Trade Voyage, Class IV
ü Sheltered Waters Voyage
ü Inland Voyage, Class I
ü Inland Voyage Class II
ü Minor Waters Voyage, Class I
ü Minor Waters Voyage, Class II
ü Sheltered Waters Voyage

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