Pre-Tied Halibut Leaders for Commercial Fishermen ( 50 Leaders / Bundle)

North PacificSKU: 21330096RIG

Sale price$251.75


Pre-Tied 19in Halibut Leader using 500 lbs test Super Star Mono Line crimped on both ends with Jinkai Aluminum Sleeves, an International #96 Stainless Snap and a 16/0 Mustad Circle Hook attached to  5/0 swivel . The Halibut Leaders are bundled in packs of 50.

Halibut longling gear assemblued ready for use.
Gear is made up of:

  • International Longline 96 Stainless Steel snap
  • 19" Superstar 500lb test monoline
  • 5/0 swivel
  • Jinkai aluminum sleeves
  • Mustad 16/0 Circle Hook

Halibut Leaders are bundled in packs of 50.

We can custom build Halibut Leaders to any specifications.  Just give us your measurements and we shall be pleased to quote you on your measurements. 

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