Polysteel 3 Strand Rope Sold By The Foot


Size: 3/8"
Sale price$0.20


POLYSTEEL Rope 3/8" - 1-1/2" Sold by the foot.

Our 3 strand twisted Polysteel™ rope is an ideal substitute for the yellow
poly ropes that are so prevalent in the market today. While the yellow
poly ropes are very susceptible to UV degradation and tend to have lower
strength and poor handling characteristics, Polysteel ropes have much
better UV resistance and excellent strength on a pound for pound basis.

40% stronger than standard polypropylene (monofilament)
20-30% lighter than nylon with less stretch
UV resistant
Superior handling – softens with use – does not harden with age
No loss of strength when wet
Note that this rope is designed for general usage, and is not suitable for fall protection. Please refer to our Polysteel™ Safety Lines in our Lifelines, Rescue & Technical catalogue for rope that is suitable for use in life safety applications.

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