The Science of Salmon Fishing Book

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The Science of Salmon Fishing Book

For fishermen who are serious about salmon.

This book is a comprehensive guide to salmon fishing in tidal waters on the BC coast. It represents a consolidation of more than fifty years of academic research, personal observation and tips and techniques learned on the water from fellow fishermen and professional fishing guides.

The book contains chapters on salmon and baitfish biology which provide insights into salmon behaviour and run timing. Other sections provide detailed information on fishing methods including cut plug, teaser head and whole herring, anchovy, flasher and hootchie, plugs and spoons. Also included are recipes for tying leaders and suggestions for modifying gear, all of which have been personally tested by the author.

It is hoped that this book will benefit novice fishermen embarking on their first adventure to the BC coast, as well as experienced fishermen and guides who would like to refine their fishing techniques.

The front cover photo shows Ted Dutton with a 57 lb chinook salmon caught on cut plug near Englefield Bay, Haida Gwaii (guided by Bill Haymond).

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