Superflex 8-Strand Soft Lay Rope 7/16" x 1800'

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Superflex 8-Strand Soft Lay Rope 7/16" x 1800'

Due to a technically reinforced composition of high tenacity Superdan and polyester yarns, Superflex has superior strength when compared with a Superdan rope. This when combined with unique double construction cover yarns, provides superior abrasion resistance when compared to conventional constructed ropes. This has been verified through frequent and repeated use in mooring applications.

This unique composition and construction produces a rope with extreme low elongation whilst maintaining stability and safety when the rope is overloaded. In addition, Superflex retains its properties even after long periods underwater.

High ultra-violet stabilization.
Popular applications are mooring, towing and anchor lines

Mooring Line
Tug Assist Line
Tow Line
Offshore Line


  • Materials: High Tenacity Polyester and
    Polypropylene Fiber Mixed
  • Construction: 8 Braided
  • Specific Gravity: .99 (Float)
  • Melting Point: 165 Celsius / 265 Celsius
  • Water Absorption: 0 ~ 1%
  • UV Resistance: Good
  • Abrasion Resistance: Good
  • Elongation at Break: 18~20%


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