Blue 3 Strand Danpoly Co-Polymer Rope x 600'

North PacificSKU: 19310001

Rope Size: 3/8"
Spool Length: 600' Spool
Sale price$82.57


Blue 3 Strand Dan poly Co-Polymer Rope x 600'

Co-Polymer rope has close the same strength as double braid nylon, but at a fraction of the price.  The rope has positive buoyancy(floats), doesn’t absorb water, and doesn’t decay. It’s resistant to acid, alkali and most chemicals. When not in use, the rope should be stored away from direct sun-light. Recommended usages are mooring, dock and anchor line, boat life-line, tarpaulin line, tent tie down, pool barrier line, public utility and general use in home, farm and industry.

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