North Pacific Super Spoon

North PacificSKU: 18090005CHEA

Colour: Chrome
Size: #5 - Each
Sale price$14.70


The North Pacific Super Spoon is a replica of the original Luhr Jensen's Superior Spoon in the material and in the finish. 

Unlike the Superior which used a 2/0 barrel swivel, the North Pacific Super Spoon uses  a 1/0 Rolling Swivel for size #5 and a 2/0 Rolling Swivel for size #6 and #7  because it creates more action on the Spoon. Rolling Swivel is lighter, stronger and spins more easily than the barrel swivel. 

It is available in three sizes, 5, 6 and 7 and is available in:

  • Brass
  • Brass / Chrome
  • Brass / Copper
  • Chrome

superspoon, superior spoon

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