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Yozuri NEEDLE FISH G82WPS - There are 5 hoochies in each pack.

Trolling skirts are one of, if not the most widely used fishing lure on earth. North Pacific and Yozuri skirts are made of a strong yet soft vinyl that is perfect for landing the big one. With the largest selection of colours under one roof we have you covered. Please inquire about special order colours. North Pacific Hoochie Color number system. The first letter describes the color of the back, B= Blue Back, G=Green Back, M= Other color. Followed by the color number assigned to it, then a letter which designate the belly color. W, OA,and L. If there is no letter after the number, belly is either clear or light green. W=White Belly, OA=aurora or pearl belly and L =luminous belly. If there is an RB in front of the first letter, the hoochie has an Rainbow finish.”

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