North Pacific 1/16in Trolling Wire SSHM Handmarked

North PacificSKU: 15116100

Wire Length: 600'
Marking Length: 1 Fathom marking
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North Pacific 1/16in Trolling Wire SSHM Handmarked

  • NORPAC 1/16in X 600 SSHM  Handmarked
  • NORPAC 1/16in X 900 SSHM  Handmarked

North Pacific trolling wire is hand marked by fishermen during the off season. It is made specifically for the Salmon Trollers on the West Coast. The wire is not twisted as tightly as normal stainless steel wire ; easy to work with when handling the wire; it lays flat as you are spooling it onto your Gurdies.  If you happen to kink the wire while fishing the wire will not break resulting in loss of  fishing gear. We use stainless steel wire to mark the wire.

The wire itself is available in two sizes 1/16" or 5/64" and in two lengths 600' or 900' spools. We recommend 5/64" wire if you use 60lbs and heavier cannonballs.  Standard markings are 1-1/2fms, 2fms or 3fms. Place your order early since production is limited.

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