Rolling Swivels (made in Japan)

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Rolling Swivels (made in Japan)

The rolling swivels made in Japan are lighter and spin as easily as a ball bearing swivel than a regular barrel swivel. They are also much stronger than a barrel swivel. Size no1 is what is used in our Michael bait hoochies. Use only Japanese made rolling swivels. Other Asian imitations do not match these specifications.

 Rolling Swivel Barrel Swivel
No 1 - 209lbs Break Strength 100lbs Break Strength
No 1/0 - 275lbs Break Strength 150lbs Break Strength
No 2/0 - 350lbs Break Strength 225lbs Break Strength

Size comparison

#1 rolling swivels are the same size as a #4 barrel swivel.
1/0 rolling swivels are the same length as a #3 barrel swivel.

  • #3 - 25 pack
  • #1 - 25 pack
  • 1/0 - 25 pack
  • #3 - 100 pack
  • #1 - 100 pack
  • 1/0 - 100 pack
  • 2/0 - 100 pack

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