Jinkai Aluminum Sleeves

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Jinkai Aluminum Sleeves

JINKAI Sleeves are made from a special aluminum alloy that is easy to crimp and resists electro-corrosion in saltwater. The soft metal and oval shape work together to provide a permanent crimp without compromising line strength. A wide variety of sizes coordinate for use with all lb. tests of JINKAI line.

Size Chart:

  • Size A for 920lb test 3.00mm
  • Size B for 700lb test 2.65mm
  • Size C for 600lb test 2.25mm
  • Size D for 500lb test 2.00mm
  • Size E for 400lb test 1.81mm
  • Size F for 300lb test 1.56mm
  • Size H for 175-250lb test 1.28-1.47mm
  • Size I for 120-150lb test 1.04-1.17mm
  • Size J for 60-100lb test 0.74-1.00mm
  • Size K for 50lb test 0.62mm

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