Superstar Co polymer x 275yards - Clear


Test: 8lb test x 275yds
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Superstar Co polymer x 275yards - Clear

 The Superstar Co Polymer leaders test pound ranges from 8 lbs to 30 lbs. Like Fluorocarbon Fiber Leader, it is transparent in water. Unlike Fluorocarbon Leader which is stiff, Superstar Co Polymer is softer and pliable.  The advantage of Superstar Co Polymer over monofilament fishing line is that it is much thinner in diameter and has no stretch when the fish initially nibbles on the lure or bait. This line is ideally suited for River and Lake Fishing. Superstar Co Polymer is made in Japan.

Test pound    Diameter of line

                      Co Polymer       Monofilament             Difference in diameter

8 lbs test      .20 inches           .30 inches                   50 percent

12 lbs test    .24 inches           .39 inches                   63 percent

16 lbs test   .29 inches            .413 inches                 45 percent

20 lbs test   .35 inches            .46 inches                   32 percent

25 lbs test   .37 inches            .51 inches                   38 percent

30 lbs test   .44 inches            .56 inches                   28 percent



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