Scotty 405 Offshore Orca Upgrade Kit

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Scotty 405 Offshore Orca Upgrade Kit

  • The fastest rod release of any holder on the market
  • With one quick motion, your fishing rod is lifted straight out
    into the fish fighting position
  • Built-in front locking tab to prevent rod loss while traveling
  • The 405 is an optional boom mount designed for Scotty Downriggers
  • When adjusted properly, the Offshore ORCA Kit allows for a closer inboard positioning of the rod holder, creating faster and easier rod removal
  • Fibre reinforced engineering grade nylon offers strength, resilience and reliability
  • Includes ORCA Rod Holder body, adjustable Rod Holder Height Extender and stainless steel Scotty Star Knobs
  • All post mount Scotty Rod Holders are fully adjustable both up and down
  • Designed for big game fish like halibut, musky, salmon, sturgeon and other large/medium fish species

ORCA Interior Diameter: 1.60″ front – 1.86″ back

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