Grundens Deck-Boss Fishing Boots 15"


Size: Size 8
Sale price$196.00


Grundens Deck-Boss Fishing Boots 15"

The All New Deck-Boss 15-inch Boot features an updated design that sets the new standard for what a fishing boot should be. The Deck-Boss Boot provides all-day comfort, high performance fit, superior traction, and features that every fisherman who has spent long days in boots will appreciate. Designed to be tough, durable and long lasting, the Deck-Boss Boot is built with a flexible and protective toe cap and an injection molded upper that eliminates delamination and cracking. The Patented “Herkules Grip™” compression molded rubber outsole is certified with SRC Slip Resistance, the most stringent level of slip resistance certification; providing best-in-class traction on wet surfaces. The flexible upper folds down when the full 15-inch height is not needed, and a 1-inch groove holds a durable silicone band that keeps pants out of the muck and legs dry. Grundéns Deck-Boss boots are designed in the Pacific Northwest.


  • 15 Inch Foldable Upper
  • 2-Part Dry Deck Insole
  • Durable Silicone Boot-Band
  • Reinforced Toe Protection
"Just an update on the boots. I went fishing yesterday, and was able to do a really good comparison between the old and new. Same low tide walking down the ramp, and this time, the deck was wet and had fish slime on it. We had a successful day fishing for halibut, salmon and rock fish. Anyway, there is a huge difference between the 2 boots. My feet were comfortable all day, and I had excellent traction in the above scenarios. Thank you for a great product, and for taking care of my problem." - Ron

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