Mercator Pocket Knife

The Mercator Pocket Knife is and has been the pocket knife that all Commercial Fishers carried around with them in their pocket. The Mercator Knife has been around as far as I know since the 1950's in B.C. Every Fisherman had one and they replaced it when they lost it or wore down the blade after sharpening it so many times that the blade was worn down to a pencil point.It is still reasonably priced, maintains its' edge and because it is stainless, the blade doesn't rust. 

 One of our retired fishermen, Stan, came to see me one day and asked if we still sold the Mercator Fishing Pocket Knife. After Stan retired, he moved to the interior of the province and searched all over to find another replacement. He happened to be in Steveston when he visited me and asked about it. I gave it to him as a mementos for the years that I knew him as a customer

Simple, functional and robust — the Mercator knife has offered these benefits for over 100 years. Even though it wasn't designed to be an army knife, it quickly gained acceptance in Emperor William's army. This was also the time that created the name "Emperor William Knife". Today, it is used worldwide and distinguishes itself with its narrow, rugged design in everyday life. The knife is available in the classic black. The blade is offered in a choice of either stainless steel or carbon steel but we carry it only in stainless.