LUMENA N9 FAN - Desktop

Colour: Black
Sale price$69.99


Compact and beautiful USB cable fan for pleasant wind.”

N9-FAN MINI creates soft yet powerful wind in a small body with the unique airflow design technology of the LUMENA N9-FAN Series. Small and lightweight (210g) but powerful (5W) airflow with easy one button operated 3 steps wind speed.

  • Integrated USB cable (NOT battery operated).
  • Removable safety net for easy cleaning.
  • "Beautiful" wind, great performance with simple but attractive design.
  • Powered by a 5W premium BLDC motor.
  • Unique 30 degree vent cover frame to create "tornado" wind.
  • 3 speed adjustable 45 degree angle control.
  • Quiet (13 dB) and powerful (38 km/h) air flow.

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