Washsafe Rust Off 32oz Spray Bottle


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Washsafe Rust Off 32oz Spray Bottle

- Fast Working Rust Remover: can be used to safely and easily to remove surface rust, rust stains, iron, hard water stains and other mineral stains from practically any surface including bathtubs, showers, toilets, bikes, firearms, sinks, tools, hardware, fishing gear, furniture, equipment and boats.

- Contractor's Choice: Used by Welders, Painters, Mechanics, Home Owners, Fishermen, Maintenance Personnel, Auto Restorers and more.

- More Uses: Rust Off can also be used to penetrate and loosen rusted nuts, screws, and bolts. Works equally as well on other mineral stains including iron, calcium and lime.

- Usage Tips: 

  • Always use Gets Rust Off at full strength.
  • Not recommended for super thick rust staining.
  • Wear safety gloves and goggles during use.
  • Do not allow product to sit on glass or etching may occur.
  • Contents may burn grass so be sure to cover outdoor surface area

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