ZUKER'S Marlin Lure ZM-2 / ZM-3.5

ZUKER'SSKU: 17080031

Size: ZM-2
Color: Bleeding Mackerel
Sale price$36.07


ZUKER'S Marlin Lure ZM-2

  • Head: 2 5/16" Visible Length
  • Skirted: 4.5 oz. | 11½" Length
  • Suggested Rigging: 9/0 Single or Double Hooks
  • Suggested Trolling Position: Short Rigger, Long Rigger
  • Recommended Line Class: 30 to 130 lb.
  • High quality US made marlin lures

The Zuker ZM-2 Marlin Lures are pushers, leaving a heavy bubbling trail when trolled at 7 to 10 knots. We recommend running angled lures in the long corner or long rigger positions. These are great for big game fish like Tuna, Dorado, and especially Marlin.

ZUKER'S Marlin Lure ZM-3.5

  • Head: 2" Visible Length
  • Skirted: 4 oz. | 11" Length
  • Foiled insert
  • High quality US made marlin lures
  • Durable head construction & tough skirt material

The ZM 3.5 uses a straight running flat-head design for high speed use, 7-20 knots or heavy seas. Flat headed straight runner for high speed or heavy seas. Excellent Big eye and Yellowfin tuna and Billfish.

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