Tomic Lures Plugs - Classic & Tubby Styles - Please call our Parksville Store for availability. (250) 248-6953

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Please contact our Parksville Store for availability (250) 248-6953

Every Tomic Lure is hand painted and assembled to precise specifications using the best quality materials available. The first Tomic was originally designed for commercial salmon fishermen in the Pacific Northwest. Our tackle is now used all over the world for most fresh and salt-water species. From Salmon in British Columbia, Pike in Sweden, Stripers in Virginia to Wahoo in the Indian Ocean, Tomic Lures has a lure for every fish.

  • The Classic is the original design of the Tomic plug, and now comes in 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, and 7″. All Tomic plugs float, but they dig down into the water when trolled. 

    The Classic Series has an erratic side to side swimming action that fish love. Mainly a trolling lure.

  • The Tubby is fatter in relation to a Classic. A Tubby is made by cutting out an inch of the middle of a Classic. So, the Tubby 6″ will have the same head and tail as the Classic 7″, but it will be shorter, and therefore, “tubbier”. The Tubby was originally designed for fishermen in the Tyee Club in Campbell River, because it will work well at slower speeds. The Tyee Club requires that fishermen are rowing.  The Tubby may also be trolled fast and will fish alongside a Classic or spoon nicely.

    The Tubby comes in 3″, 4″, 5″, and 6″.

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