Scotty 1091 Longarm Manual Rigger

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Scotty 1091 Longarm Manual Rigger

Ideal for big boats. Equipped with 200 ft. of 150 lb. test stainless steel cable. 36-60″ long 1¼” diameter telescopic boom. Includes 1026 Swivel Mount. High speed, 2 ft. per turn of the spool coupled with an extended handle for extra leverage. Spray protected positive-drive depth counter. Clutch brake with the largest braking surface in the industry. Boom mounted adjustable 358 Rodmaster II Rod Holder.

Downrigger Boom Length: 36″-60″ telescoping stainless steel boom
Downrigger Boom Diameter: 1 1/4″
Rod Holder Interior Diameter: 1.85″

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