G LOOMIS E6X 1264-2C SAR 10'6" 12774-01

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G LOOMIS E6X 1264-2C SAR BC GH 10'6" 12774-01 MOOCHING ROD

Long graphite foregrip and short rear grip handle design accomodates single-action mooching reels! E6X multi-taper technology allow us to make these rods soft wehre they need to be, yet powerful! Moderate actions with powerful butt-sections provide excellent bait presentations and fish-fighting control!

A specialty rod designed for mooching in tidewater and ocean salmon fisheries. It has a powerful tip and butt, capable of mooching/trolling up to 8-ounces. Rated foe 20-30 pound line, the ten and a half-foot length gives you excellent line/lure control and will handle long leaders. E6X Technology allows us to make it surprisingly light and strong. "BC" refers to the long fore-grip and shore rear grip - both graphite - accommodating single action mooching reels.

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