NORTH PACIFIC CLAW POINT SALMON HOOKS are Hi Carbon Steel Hooks which comes either in Black Nickel Finish with a barbed point or in Tin Finish with a  barbed or barbless point

SPECIAL FEATURES of these hooks are:

Made in Japan which assure a  quality made product

Much stronger, razor sharp point and lighter than Stainless Steel Hooks

The BLACK NICKEL Hi Carbon Hooks can be used with a Metal Spoon without corroding the spoon

The Black Nickel finish of the Hi Carbon steel is a good conduit for electrical charges. Normally these hooks will last up to 2 to 3 weeks in Salt Water.  With the Russell Black Box, these hooks will last for a week . Malcolm Russell, inventor of the Black Box claim that the North Pacific Black Nickel Hi Carbon hook is the ideal hook to use with his Unit to attract fish to your gear.

The open eye of the hook can be closed without any effort  and the barb can be crimped smoothly without breaking by using a Jinkai Crimper Tool.

Black Nickel Finish is available from sizes starting from 3/0 up to 9/0.

The TIN FINISHED Hi Carbon Steel Hook is available either as barbless or barbed point.

Like Stainless, the Tin finish will not rust like the Black Nickel Finish.  Because the weight of the hook is lighter than Stainless  there will be more action on the lure.

The Barbless point is offset at the bend of the hook so that it prevents the Salmon from escaping  when it rolls. The tip or point is so sharp that the hook will go through and stick out from the jaw of the Salmon.

The Barbless Hook is available in sizes from 4/0, 5/0 and 6/0.

The eye on the Tin Hooks will close without much effort and the Barbed Tin Finish can be smoothly crimped by using a Jinkai Crimper Tool.

The Barbed Tin Hook is available in size 6/0 and in size 7/0.


  • CAD $55.05 BOX 100